Welcome to Our Floatation Center


For the foreseeable future, floatmaine has closed its doors.

We invite you to float at Float Harder,

Portland’s first commercial dedicated floating center.

(and tell them “floatmaine” sent you!)

We wish them all kinds of success in their endeavor!

It has been an amazing 13 years of offering floats in the Greater Portland area.

We invite you to our home in Portland, Maine to relax in the quiet and stillness of our floatation tank.  You can float your cares away in a zero-gravity environment, supported by warm salt water.  It’s a perfect way to unwind, explore inner space, and recuperate from the over-stimulation of our modern world.

Rest and Relaxation Made Easy

It’s simple.  You shower, get into the tank, and the rest is automatic.  The sensory-reduced environment naturally allows your body to relax, and your mind to achieve deep states of peace (and, if desired, focus).

Today’s world seems to demand our non-stop attention, and there are few places where you can escape the demands of technology, the media, society.  However, time in a floatation tank is an easy way to create space for yourself to simply be, and to re-enter the world refreshed, optimistic, and stress-free.