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Benefits of Floating

At its most basic, one hour in the tank is the equivalent of four hours of restful sleep.  You can use the tank simply as a place to “take a vacation” – or you can take advantage of your time to focus on your own creativity, solve problems, or explore your inner space.  Studies have shown that time in the tank automatically creates the same harmonious, synchronized brain state achieved by Buddhist monks who have been meditating for 20 years.

Here are some other documented benefits of using a floatation tank:

  • Reduction of tension caused by stress and anxiety
  • An increased ability to visualize, create, imagine and problem-solve
  • Feelings of optimism (your body produces its natural anti-depressants)
  • Spontaneous reduction in or the elimination of habits, e.g. smoking
  • “Super-learning” by increasing the minds powers of retention, comprehension and original thinking
  • Peak-performance enhancement (e.g. athletic, creative, mental)
  • Physical recovery from stress of peak output and virtual elimination of fatigue and “post-race letdown”