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About Float Maine

We thought you might like to have a little more information about us, and about our facility.

About Our Facility

Float Maine is located in our home, in the West End of Portland, Maine. Because this is our home, we do not disclose our address here on the website, but it will (of course) be provided when you set up your appointment to float.

Our floatation tank is located in its own, private room within our home – with its own bathroom/shower.  It’s a relaxed, peaceful environment – completely self-contained for your privacy.  We provide you with clean towels, and also have ear plugs available if necessary.  We do have liquid soaps/shampoo available on-site as well – they are natural/organic and free of any chemicals you can’t pronounce.

Our Floatation Tank

Our tank is a Samadhi Classic floatation tank.  The Samadhi Tank Company is the oldest floatation tank company in the United States, and their tanks were designed in partnership with John Lilly, the father of sensory deprivation research.  Here are some characteristics that might interest you:

  • 4 feet wide.  4 feet tall.  8 feet long.
  • It’s lightproof, for an experience of total darkness.
  • It’s not airtight, and we also keep air circulating gently during your float (which can be turned off at your request)
  • There’s 10 inches of water, heated to 93.3 degrees (essentially your skin temperature).  That means that while you’re floating in the water, there’s PLENTY of space above you )- so there’s no “closed in” or “stuffy” feeling.  The temperature of the water allows the sensation of the water to fade into the background, so you feel like you’re simply floating in space.
  • The water has 800 pounds of epsom salts dissolved in it.  It offers you perfect support for your entire body – the closest thing to a “zero gravity” experience that you can have without leaving the planet.


Our tank is made with a commercial grade filtration system, that both filters and sanitizes the water (with Ozone).  The filtration is run between each float.  Periodically we add extra-strength hydrogen peroxide as an additional precautionary measure, although the highly saline environment itself helps maintain a sterile environment.

About Us

We’re Neil Sattin and Chloe Urban, and we are delighted to invite you into our home to experience the rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation of our floatation tank.

In 2003, Neil was working for a technology company based out of Portland, Maine – and traveling extensively for business.  He nurtured his imagination during his ample computer time by Googling the random things that crossed his mind during the day – and “sensory deprivation tanks” was one of those things.  Chicago was a frequent stop for him, and it so happens that the oldest floatation center in the country, SpaceTime Tanks, is located there – so Neil took advantage of their massage/float special for his first floatation experience.

The experience was so profoundly transformational that Neil journeyed back into the heart of the city the following night for a repeat visit, and then vowed that he would get his own tank – not just for his own use, but so others in Maine could also try it out (at the time the closest float center was in Boston).  By the summer of 2004, Neil had a tank in the second bedroom of his apartment, and through word-of-mouth (along with an article in The Bollard) he let people know that there was a floatation tank here for their benefit.

Flash forward to today.  It continues to be our goal to offer you an oasis from the stress of life, a quiet space to relax – and explore here in Portland’s West End.