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We love to hear from you about your floating experiences. Here is some of the feedback that we’ve received from people who have used our floatation tank:

My first floating experience was wonderful and really enjoyable! I just loved going to a family home and yet having a private, spa like setting all to myself for my float. Neil did a great job checking in with me and taking the time to get to know me a little bit before jumping right in and diving into salt water, pun intended! I had some body work done just before my float appointment, with some painful old wounds coming up, working through some deep scar tissue. The floating couldn’t have come at a better time and I witnessed these old memories as I floated in the dark, being with them and gently allowing them to pass. It felt really good to let go and feel my body just completely relax into the water and stay buoyant. I’ve never been one who could float very well, so it really was a treat and a success in that I didn’t need a life preserver. Also, it was really nice to just be with myself and indulge in the darkness, feeling completely relaxed and centered. And the Pisces in me certainly enjoyed shapshifting into fish memories, periodically during the experience. The Flower of Life came to me quite a bit during the float too, which is always appreciated. The rest of the day was spent in that flow–syncronistic encounters, everything seemed more water like and fluid to me. I was super-relaxed and enjoyed a deep, peaceful sleep that night. I enthusiastically look forward to my next float. Thanks again to Neil and his family being a real “lighthouse” in the sea of life! – A.B. – Yarmouth, ME

Dana Sawyer, professor of religion and philosophy at MECA, remarked:
I had floated before, using a sense-dep tank in Newport Beach, CA, in 1979, but I had forgotten how entirely rejuvenating it is – perhaps because I was much younger!  Neil does a great job of creating a private space in his home, away from their family spaces, where it was quiet and relaxing.  The tank was very well maintained and professionally cared for, which was important because I was bringing dozens of students to float, too.  I had a wonderful hour with many surprises.  I kept releasing into deeper and deeper states of relaxation that actually had a physical counterpart; my body would change posture as I relaxed further.  Mentally, I didn’t have many visual hallucinations but I often had the physical hallucination of moving through space – which was very interesting and enjoyable.  Overall, I strongly recommend the experience.  It isn’t claustrophobic, as several of my students worried it would be, and it’s something everyone should try.  And my second visit to the tank was ever better.